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plastic polymer granules



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Gases for the plastics industry:

AERON®-Mixture of  propane, n-butane and isobutane as propellants for aerosol sprays. Composition and pressure of the mixture are adjusted to individual requirements.

N-PENTAN,C-PENTAN,DME–Used for foaming in production of polyurethane based insulation systems, sandwich type systems, insulation of cooling equipment and transmission systems for various media.


NATURAL BARYTE  -A wide range of mineral barium sulphates offered according to the grain size and degree of whiteness. They are used in various plastic and rubber products.

BLANC FIXE -SYNTHETIC BARIUM SULFATE -Precipitated barium sulphate offered in three varieties. A high quality and durability product  used as a filler in plastic, natural and synthetic rubber products.

PORAVER® -Foam glass granulate. Offered in 6 standard varieties depending on the grain size. Due to its small weight and excellent sound and thermal insulation properties it is a perfect raw material for production of thermal insulation and soundproof boards.


SILITIN / AKTISIL –  KAOLONITE CLAY CLEAN AND MODIFIED – Micromolecular (2-8 microns), used as a functional extender in plastics and rubber. It’s application considerably improves a number of physical and chemical properties including increased high temperature resistance which in turn improves size stability of the finished product. Its very good dispersibility in mass improves the structure of the polymer- filler combination resulting in higher hardness and elasticity of the product as well as smoother and at the same time more scratch resistant surface of the finished product. Moreover, it increases product’s resistance to chemicals and corrosion. It lower so called “Contraction” and increases  flow parameters. The extender can be used in combination with glass fibre. Apart from all types of natural and synthetic rubber and thermoplastics such as  PA, PC, PEK, PPO, Polysulfone, PVB, PE/EVA, PVAC, it is also used in PUR, PES and Epoxy resins.

MICA– A functional extender most commonly in the form of Phlogopite (reddish-brown) and Muscovite (greyish-white). Due to its natural colour the Phlogopite is used for applications in darker colours i.e. black, brown where it additionally allows to lower the content of pigments. The Muscovite is used in white materials and pale shades of other colours. The mineral is characterised by high thermal and chemical resistance. It is highly anticorrosive, used in applications prone to UV radiation and improves a number of physical and chemical parameters in plastic products. Its main advantages include higher resistance to cracking and better flexibility. Mica’s sheet structure creates a barrier which means that all the particles are laid horizontally and form a layer protecting against the light and having a positive influence on smoothness of the surface and its elasticity. The product has good electric properties, it is a good dielectric and it is resistant to electric breakdowns. Used in construction thermoplastics, frequently in combination with other extenders i.e. glass fibre, talc, chalk, etc. The extender is used in construction thermosoftening plastics and in processing of epoxy, polyester and polyurethane resins. Our offer includes fractions with different grain sizes which are adjusted to the type of processing and customers’ needs.


A wide range of liquid colouring agents for almost all types of plastics. An alternative for powdered colouring agents and granulated concentrates. We offer standard colouring agents as well as transparent, fluorescent, pearl, metallic, and glittering ones. Modern technology, efficiency and simplicity of application make our liquid colouring agents a more and more popular method of colouring plastics. Our offer includes equipment for dosing liquid colouring agents directly to the polymer in the production machinery and a cleaning agent for screws and cylinders.


!!!! N E W !!!!  Granulated colouring agents for plastics – INNOSOLIDS®. Colouring agents of the DLC (Dry Liquid Color) type based on an innovative technology. Highly efficient, combining advantages of traditional polymer matrix based ‘masterbatches’ and liquid colouring agents on carriers derivatives of fatty acids esters.  Simplicity of dosing by means of traditional volumetric and gravimetric dosing equipment. Lower melting point resulting in faster homogenisation and lack of negative impact of the agent on the process itself. Precise colouring, “without smudges” even with “short worms” and production using recycled raw materials (i.e. RPET). Perfect solution for problematic and stable production lines. Majority of colouring agents from this range are products responding to requirements of individual customers. These colouring agents guarantee the highest quality as a reference sample taken at the beginning of each process and accepted by the customer is used as the basis for further production series. Depending on customer’s requirements we can supply granulate with a different melting point adjusted to the application especially if the plastic used as a raw material in the process has to be dried.  Melting point can vary from 60 to 160 ˚C. In addition, each of our customers has with us a warehouse in Poland, where we always have a sufficient stock of particular colouring agents.



Choice of pigments for paints, construction materials and plastics. We offer a wide range of yellow, red, orange pigments as well as purple, blue and green ones.

Special attention should be paid to diversity of orange pigments with various colour indexes, shades and meeting diversified customers’ requirements (climatic, thermal resistance).

We offer a yellow bismuth vanadate, colour index PY184, in 8 different quality varieties for different applications. The pigments used to be offered on the market as Irgazin® and Irgacolor® Bismuth Vanadate Yellow.

Our offer also includes high quality blue pigments with index PB60 for car and industrial paints or plastics. The pigments used to be offered on the market as Cromophtal® and Irgazin® Indanthrone Blue.


A unique range of yellow – chromium and orange (red) – molybdenic, inorganic pigments. Extremely durable and inexpensive pigments can be used in industrial paints and road paints, as well as to colour plastic products.

They are characterised by clear, light colour, high covering efficiency, excellent  thermal resistance and high chemical and climatic resistance.

TITANIUM WHITE HOMBITAN®-A group of high quality white, rutilated and anatased pigments, natural or surface coated.

ZINC SULFIDE SACHTOLITH®- White pigment with low hardness, especially intended for plastics as low hardness of grains does not cause mechanical damage to equipment (i.e. injection moulding machine or extruder nozzles). Offered in three varieties depending on the size of grain and natural or coated surface.

LITOPON- A white pigment created as a chemical mixture of barium sulfate and zinc sulfide. Offered in several varieties. Economical alternative for expensive pigments ( i.e. titanium white)

CHROMIUM OXIDE GREEN  – Chemically neutral, resistant to high temperatures, green, inorganic pigment  with high durability. Special grade of this product is used to colour plastic products.


HDPE- Polyethylene with high density in the form of granulate in various grades – depending on application in processing – mainly for injection or blow moulding .

LDPE-Polyethylene with low density in the form of granulate – in processing – mainly for production of various types of foil but also for blow or injection moulded elements.

LLDPE-Linear polyethylene with low density in the form of granulate – in processing – mainly for production of thermo-shrinkable, stretchable foils as well as foils with high elasticity.

PP-Polypropylene in a form of granulate in processing – has a wide range of applications – intended for use in production of foils, pipes, equipment elements, fittings, carpets, containers and other elements.


HOMBITEC® MR – UV PROTECTOR  -A very fine titanium dioxide. Thanks to small grain size it is not a white pigment but it is used as UV protector for plastics.

KEN-STAT® -ANTISTATIC AGENT- An antistatic agent on the basis of titanates,  nanoparticles creating stable bond in the polymer – filler structures, does not migrate which results in permanent operation. Its uses include flooring systems based on PUR, Epoxy and PCW resins.

KEN-REACT® – COUPLING ADDITIVES (so called COUPLING AGENTS) – A group of titanates and zirconate whose aim is to facilitate coupling of particular ingredients of plastics which improves properties of finished products and reduces unit production costs. Used in many grades.

INNOSOLIDS® – MODIFYING ADDITIVES – Various types of liquid modifiers: Antiblock, Antioxidant, Antistatic, Blowing, Cling film, Flame retardant, Light stabilizer, Lubricant, Nucleator, Plastisol (viscosity regulator), Slip (lubricant), UVAbsorber. To be added to the polymer directly to the processing equipment. Some of them can be mixed with colouring agents in order to obtain one colouring – modifying set.

ANTIMONY TRIOXIDE  – FLAME RETARDANT – TRIOX- so called flame retardant used for thermoplastic such as PCW, PET, glass and rubber. Offered in the form of powder, generally white and in a few other colours,  granulate (so called masterbatch) and as liquid suspension.


SN-II-OCTOATE – The catalyst is commonly used in production of Polyurethane foams, soft and hard.
DBTL– Its applications include so called “Crosslinker” in production of PUR resin based coatings, silicone sealers and polyolefin cable coatings in order to increase adhesion prior to hot application of polyethylene wax coating to glass containers (bottles, jars), we offer entire system including the wax. The above applies also to glass containers for pharmaceutical industry.
DBTA– Used in production of silicone sealers.
BUCL (n/s butylchlorid) – catalyst used at synthesis in pharmaceutical industry.
DOTO– used as a raw material in production of tin stabilizers.

We also offer catalysts for the process of synthesis in production of PES resins:




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