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FOOD- Washing and disinfection in food and beverage production plants.

Complying with high hygienic standard is  quintessential in a proper food production process. Negligence in this area may lead to serious problems such as: faster deterioration of food products, the presence of bacteria on devices, cross- infections, food infections transferred onto food by personnel. At the same time, growing competition forces food producers to reduce the time and costs consumption of a production process.

Therefore, proper washing and disinfection procedures should aim at ensuring maximum hygiene and safety and, simultaneously, should help maintain optimal economical and time parameters.

Solvachem, owing to cooperation with leaders in biocidal  washing products manufacturers, offers chemical  agents for keeping high hygienic standards in various types of food production plants.
We provide dairy industry with:

  • agents for disinfection of surfaces, containers, pipes  and other appliances and devices in direct contact with food
  • products for cleaning pasteurizers, evaporators, UHT devices
  • products for one-stage cleaning of cisterns, containers, cheese – making molds
  • products for foam washing of tiled floors, wall tiles, and devices made of stainless steel and of sensitive materials.
  • special products for washing membrane installations
  • personnel hygiene products

We provide beverage producers with :

  • dry and wet lubrication agents for conveyor belts
  • special products for membrane installation washing
  • products for washing various types of devices, containers in the CIP system
  • foaming cleaning products for various types of surfaces and devices
  • washing procedures for filling lines, bottle washers, kegs, containers etc.
  • water treatment agents
  • personnel hygiene products

We provide food processors with:

  • foaming cleaning agents for washing floors, tiles, installations etc.
  • non-foaming cleaning agents for CIP flow
  • cleaning agents for smokehouses
  • special enzymatic agents for bacterial bio – film removal
  • products for container washers
  • effective disinfecting agents
  • personnel hygiene products
  • other universal washing agents




AGRO – Washing and disinfection in livestock breeding

Cleanliness is one of the essential requirements for keeping livestock in good health. Solvachem offers washing – disinfecting products and effective hygiene procedures helping breeders ensure high standards of hygiene and well-being of livestock, which leads to improved production results.
    We provide milk producers with:

  • udder hygiene- disinfection and care products based on such biocidal agents as: iodine, lactic acid, chlorhexidine or tertiary amines.
  • washing and disinfecting agents for milking equipment
  • washing and disinfection of milking pails, brushes, towels etc.
  • general hygiene products for the whole farm area and for milking parlours
  • personnel hygiene products


To maintain proper hygiene standards, we provide poultry farms and pig farms with:

  • foaming products for effective cleaning of livestock housings
  • effective surface disinfection products (spray, fogging)
  • water disinfection agents
  • neutral cleaning agents for sensitive surfaces
  • special enzymatic products for  bacterial  bio-film removal
  • general hygiene and personnel  hygiene products