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Inorganic products are an important element in commercial offer of solvachem sp. z o.o. They are broadly used in several branches of industry.

Below you will find a list of main products offered by our company.

SULPHUR  – in a liquid form as well as granulated, in flakes and ground. It is used mainly as a raw material in production of sulphuric acid as well as in manufacturing of pyrotechnic articles, synthetic fibers, in production of paper, vulcanization of rubber. Delivered in tank trucks (applies to liquid sulphur) and in paper 25 kg bags or big bags (ground and flaked sulphur).

SULPHURIC ACID  – basic raw material in various branches of industrial production, including production of other acids, mineral fertilizers, organic semi-products or production of cellulose. Offered in tank cars, tank trucks or ICB containers.

PHOSPHORIC ACID   – product offered as technical and food acid. Used to produce phosphoric fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, feed phosphates and other chemical compounds. It can also be used in the fibers dyeing process and in the food industry. It can be supplied in tank trucks and in IBC containers.

UREA 46N– universal agricultural fertilizer that can be used under all crops. Packaging of the fertilizer depends on customer’s needs. It can be supplied in bulk, in big bags, in 25 kg and 50 kg bags. Apart from urea, at customer’s request we prepare commercial offer for the supply of various formulas of NP and NPK compound fertilizers.

UNCOATED UREA  – used in production of  AdBlue as well as in the pharmaceutical industry. Offered in big bags.

AdBlue – 32.5% urea solution used to reduce nitric oxides in vehicle fumes equipped with Diesel engines. Deliveries can be executed in tank trucks and ICB containers.

AMONIA  – used mainly in the chemical as well as pharmaceutical industry and in refrigeration. Delivered mainly in tank cars.

POTASSIUM HYDROXIDE– applied in production of soft soaps, bleaching agents as well as a laboratory reagent.

SODIUM HYDROXIDE – product in flakes or in a liquid form. Used, among others, in production of water glass from silica, dies, detergents, paper, water treatment.

FERROUS SULFATE HEPTAHYDRATE AND MONOHYDRATE– applied in production of  coagulants used to treat waste water and water. Used in production of cement, frrous pigment, as well as an additive to feeds, fertilizers. Offered in tank trucks and big bags.

ROCK SALT ROAD– Road salt is used as an excellent and proven natural agent to fight  slipperiness of the surface of motorways, local roads, footpaths, drives and stairs as well as other open public utility places in the difficult winter time. Offering salt of an adequate granulation additionally containing anticacking agent – an effective chemical compound preventing its caking, guarantees high efficiency. Our company offers road salt originating from Belarus as well as Ukraine supplied in bulk, in 1 ton big bags and in 25 kilogram packagings. Our offer is also addressed to Czech, Slovak, Austrian and German markets.